Surrey Heath Local Plan

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Surrey Heath Borough Council is in the process of preparing a new Local Plan. The Draft Surrey Heath Local Plan: Preferred Options (2019 – 2038) sets out the Council's preferred approach to development in the Borough up to 2038.

The Draft Local Plan contains proposed planning policies that, once adopted, will provide a framework to guide development in our Borough, including how much new development will take place, and guidance on the location, scale, and type of future development. The finalised adopted planning policies will be the framework against which planning applications in the Borough are assessed.

This consultation invites you to comment on a series of key planning issues for the Borough and the Council's preferred option to address them. You can also suggest any issues or options you feel are missing and comment upon any of the consultation and supporting documents. You are welcome to comment on every preferred policy option in the document or just the ones that you are specifically interested in. Please use the comment form below, or on the ‘Quick Comments’ tab, to submit your comments to us. The consultation is open for response from 12:00 noon on Monday 14 March to 12:00 noon on Monday 9 May 2022.

If you wish to submit detailed comments, or you would like to register to be kept updated about future Local Plan consultations, please visit our Consultation Portal here:

We are keen for local people to tell us their views and we would therefore encourage you to get involved and have your say on this draft version of the Local Plan.

Key Challenges, Vision and Objectives
Spatial Strategy
Spatial Strategy
Town Centres, Retail and Economy

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Green Belt and Countryside
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Design and Heritage

Local Area Profiles

The Local Area Profiles illustrate how policies and allocations in the Local Plan relate to each local area in the Borough. They include maps that illustrate the allocated sites and proposed designations in each local area in Surrey Heath. Find our more about Local Area profiles.